Cedant arma togae, concedat laurea linguae
Let arms yield to the arts of peace, let laurels yield to eloquence !

versiune româna

"Victor Marcusohn" Law Office started its activity on the Romanian legal market in 2008, at the initiative of its Managing Partner, Dr. Victor Marcusohn, as a result of an experience of more than 12 years of practice in the field of law and is one the first law offices specialized mainly in land registration, financial crimes and abusive clauses in the contracts signed between professionals and consumers.
The guarantee of our success is the result of professionalism, experience, professional involvement and dedication of the attorneys and counselors who collaborate with us.
Our purpose is to offer a modern perspective of our work, focused on maximizing the quality, in the conditions of accessible honorariums for all the categories of clients.
"Victor Marcusohn" Law Office is committed to satisfy the legitimate interests of our clients, both in Romania and abroad, according with the provisions of Law no. 51/1995 concerning the organization and practice of lawyer’s profession in Romania, of the Lawyer’s Statute and of the Code of Conduct for European Lawyers.
Our activity is based on the principals of legality, freedom and independence, with the purpose of promoting and defending the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of our clients.
We ensure, within the frame of professional relations, maximum of honesty, probity, correctness, sincerity, loyalty and confidentiality.