Cedant arma togae, concedat laurea linguae
Let arms yield to the arts of peace, let laurels yield to eloquence !

versiune româna
Managing Partner of „Victor Marcusohn” Law Office since 2008, with a significant experience in the field of legal practice, both in public and in private sectors.
He is university lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences of the Bucharest Ecological University and hold a PhD in Civil Law since 2012, title obtained at the Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy.
Dr. Victor Marcusohn holds two LLM diplomas, one in „Business Law”(2005) and the other in ”Internal and international law of the environment” (2006), as well as specializations such as ”Manager of environmental management systems (2007) and „Expert in public procurement (2012).
Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian.
Member of professional organizations:
- general secretary of the Romanian Association for Rural Law (since 2010);
- member of juridical networks ”The Directive-frame concerning water” and ”The Directive Nature 2000” (since 2008);
Fields of competence: civil law (contracts, succesions, property, land registration), consumer protection law, criminal business law, environmental law