Cedant arma togae, concedat laurea linguae
Let arms yield to the arts of peace, let laurels yield to eloquence !

versiune romāna
"Victor Marcusohn" Law Office has a large expertise on criminal law issues, especiality in business criminality. Therefore, we assist our clients, both in front of the prosecutor office and in front of the criminal courts, for a different and wide variety of financial crimes, crimes related to organised criminality and corruption.
We are one of the first law offices in Romania specialised in land registration issues and therefore we assist and reprezent our clients in any cases related to the decisions of the land registrer office.
Also, we are specialised in actions against abusive clauses within the contracts signed between professionals and consumers, such as credit agreements, leasing, insurance etc.

Environmental law: we give consultancy for physical and moral persona in order to comply with the environmental regulations; we offer assistance concerning the necessary documentation for obtaining environmental approvals, permits or licenses and, in this view, we collaborate with high qualified experts and auditors, internationally accredited, as well as accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Romania, in order to perform environmental impact assessments and environmental due diligence audits; we offer assistance and represent our clients in front of Romanian courts.
Civil law: we give assistance and represent our clients in legal actions concerning property rights and real estate: actions in defending property rights, in regaining the right of property abusively taken by the Romanian state, between 1945-1989, civil liability actions; we give consultancy and prepare civil contracts; we cancel civil contracts, either by mutual consent, either by court; we represent our clients in actions concerning inheritance etc.
Commercial law: we represent and assist our clients in establishing commercial societies in Romania (drawing up and attesting articles of incorporation, formalities for registering commercial entities at the Romanian Register of Commerce, establishing branches for already registered societies etc.); we assist our clients at the General Assembly of the Associates within a commercial society; we modify article of incorporation (commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions etc.); we represent creditors and debtors in the bankruptcy procedure etc.
Family law: we draw divorce actions both by mutual consent of the parties and by judicial proceedings; we assist clients in divorce actions and partitions etc.
Administrative law: we give assistance and representation in front of courts on trials related to public functionaries; we draw up actions of canceling public authorities orders etc.
Labor law: we give consultancies related to individual employment agreements; we assist and represent clients in front of labor courts, in problems related to salaries, pensions etc.