Cedant arma togae, concedat laurea linguae
Let arms yield to the arts of peace, let laurels yield to eloquence !

versiune romāna

"Victor managed our legal affairs for our Bucharest branch. He always delivered far beyond expectations, and could be counted on for insights we would not otherwise have had. Victor is totally at ease on multi-national teams and dealing with domestic or international issues. Victor is extremely hard-working, yet always good-humored and collegial. He has my highest respect".
Dr. Richard Ellis (USA)
CEO at Advanced Waste Management Systems

"I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Marcusohn. I must put in evidence the communication we have maintained during the period we should be in relationship, with promptest and efficient answers. The most important is that his work had helped a lot to achieve an excellent result".
Dr. Letitia A. Bourges (Italy)
General Secretary of European Council for Rural Law

"Victor organized an international conference of agricultural lawyers perfectly".
Donald Rennie (Scotland)
Former President of the European Council for Rural Law