Victor Marcusohn" Law Office came into existence following the experience accumulated over more than 18 years of practice in the legal field in Romania by the coordinating lawyer, Victor Marcusohn PhD, who is also a renowned professor.
          Appeared in September 2008, on the specialty market in Romania, the "Victor Marcusohn" Law Office offers a varied range of legal services, at international standards, adapted to the requirements and in the spirit of maximum customer satisfaction.
          We value, in particular, the lawyer-client relationship, in the sense that at least one of the partner lawyers or experienced lawyers within the Cabinet is familiar with each client's case.
          We propose a modern way of working, based on maximizing quality, under the conditions of providing affordable fees for all categories of clients.
          The guarantor of success is the result of the professionalism, experience and professional dedication of the lawyers working in this Cabinet. Since an experienced lawyer is always available, each of our clients is kept informed of the progress of their case, which is treated with the utmost seriousness until completion.
          Our activity is based on the principles of legality, freedom and independence, in order to promote and defend the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of our clients. We ensure, within professional relationships, maximum honesty, probity, fairness, sincerity, loyalty and confidentiality.


We provide assistance and representation in real rights actions (property right and its defense by means of claim actions, boundary actions, usucapion actions, confessional actions, negative actions); actions in the employment of tortious or contractual civil liability; consultancy and drafting of civil contracts; cancellation of contracts amicably or through the court; actions related to successions, etc. We are also one of the first law firms specialized in real estate, meaning that we provide legal assistance and represent our clients in any kind of actions related to the registration methods in the land register, including complaints against land register agreements.


We offer assistance and representation before criminal investigation bodies (Police, Prosecutor's Office - including specialized structures: DIICOT, DNA) and courts of any level, mainly with regard to crimes related to drug trafficking and consumption (provided by Law no. 143/2000 on combating drug trafficking and illicit consumption), computer crimes (eg: computer fraud, fraudulent financial transactions, accepting fraudulent financial transactions, etc.), as well as other types of crimes (e.g. crimes related to human trafficking, tax evasion crimes, crimes related to traffic on public roads, medical malpractice.


Establishment of commercial companies (drafting and attestation of articles of incorporation and statutes, formalities regarding the registration of commercial companies at the Trade Registry Office, establishment of branches and subsidiaries); assisting clients at the General Assembly of associates; changes to constitutive documents (assignments, change of headquarters, etc.); representation in insolvency proceedings, assistance/representation in actions regarding the annulment of abusive clauses in various contracts concluded between economic agents and consumers (bank credit contracts, leasing contracts, insurance contracts, etc.).


Providing legal advice in order to comply with environmental requirements; providing assistance with regard to the documentation necessary to obtain regulatory acts in the field of the environment (notices, agreements, authorizations, integrated authorizations), meaning that we collaborate with reputable experts in the field, natural and legal persons authorized by the Ministry of the Environment to carry out impact studies and environmental balance sheets, members in European specialty registers; assistance and representation before courts in case of litigation.


Providing advice on individual labor contracts; assistance and representation in labor law courts, regarding salary disputes, disputes related to the calculation of pensions, dismissal, etc.



Assistance and representation in disputes regarding public officials; drafting actions in the annulment of acts of central and local public authorities; assistance/representation of complaints against contravention minutes (eg traffic offences); assistance/representation in litigation regarding the establishment of the former Security's collaborator quality (according to O.U.G. no. 24/2008 regarding access to one's own file and the debunking of the Security).


Aappeals against acts of tax decisions issued by bodies with attributions in the financial-fiscal field.


Drafting divorce actions, both by the consent of the spouses and through the contentious procedure; assisting clients in the process of divorce and legal separation; drafting judicial transactions, etc.


Compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation; privacy impact assessments; compliance in social media use; cybersecurity breach management; data security policies and implementation

          The fees charged by "Victor Marcusohn" Law Office are established by mutual agreement with the client, in relation to the difficulty, extent and approximate duration of the case, but also the qualifications and professional experience of the lawyer who takes over the respective case. The fees are determined and are stipulated in the legal assistance contract, before the start of the respective legal activity.
          "Victor Marcusohn" Law Office practices the following types of fees:
• Fixed fee (flat rate): consists of a fixed amount established and paid at the conclusion of the legal assistance contract, depending on the professional services offered to the client and the professional qualifications and experience of the lawyer who takes over the respective case. The fixed fee is due regardless of the result obtained through the provision of professional services.
• Hourly fee: consists of a fixed amount of monetary units established per working hour, due for each hour of professional services provided to the client. The hourly fee is due regardless of the result obtained through the provision of professional services.
• Success fee: consists of a fixed or variable amount established for achieving a certain result. It is agreed as a supplement, in addition to the fixed or hourly fee, depending on the result or the service provided.
          Depending on the client's requirements, there is the possibility of combining the three types of fees practiced by the "Victor Marcusohn" Individual Law Office.
We mention that we offer monthly subscriptions, at preferential fees for our loyal customers.

Victor Marcusohn – Avocat Coordonator
Victor Marcusohn – Managing Partner, Attorney-at-law

• Managing Partner at "Victor Marcusohn" Law Office since 2008, with over 18 years of practical experience, both within public authorities and in the private sector, within a prestigious law firm on the domestic market.

• Associate Professor, hold a PhD in Law since 2012, title acquired at the Legal Research Institute "Acad. Andrei Rădulescu" of the Romanian Academy.

• International consultant (World Bank) and national expert on environmental legislation issues.

• Lecturer at the National Institute for Lawyer’s Training and Development, in the disciplines of Civil Law/Civil Procedural Law, as well as Methodology of legal and judicial acts.

• Graduate of post-doctoral studies, completed with the work "Abusive clauses in contractual relationships, with special regard to bank credit contracts", as well as two postgraduate programs, specializing in "Domestic and international environmental law" (2006), respectively "Business Law" (2005) and graduate of the specialization courses "Environmental Management Systems Manager" (2007) and "Public Procurement Expert" (2012).

          Over time, he advised, assisted and represented clients in the most varied cases, such as real estate claims, various divergent situations related to the interpretation of contractual clauses (resolutions/terminations and cancellations of civil, commercial, administrative or labor contracts, cancellations of abusive contractual clauses, etc.), conventional and/or succession sharing, adversarial litigation with public authorities (cancellation of building and environmental permits, obliging the public authority to issue the building permit, etc.), litigation in the financial field (appeals against taxation decisions issued by authorities with attributions in the field), economic-financial crimes, drug trafficking, fraud, abuse of trust, etc.

          Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian.

          Areas of competence: civil law, commercial law, digital law, criminal law, environmental law, labor law.



"Dl. Avocat Victor Marcusohn a acordat consultanţă juridică filialei din Bucureşti a societăţii noastre. Întotdeauna ne-a depăşit toate aşteptările din punct de vedere al calităţii muncii prestate, oferindu-ne o viziune asupra pieţei legale din România pe care altminteri nu am fi avut-o. Victor se simte în largul său în cadrul unor echipe de lucru multinaţionale, oferind cele mai bune soluţii atât din punct de vedere al cadrului legal intern cât şi international. Victor este o persoană extrem de muncitoare şi un foarte bun coleg, care însă ştie să îşi păstreze întotdeauna simţul umorului. Îi port cel mai adând respect, atât pe plan profesional, cât şi uman".

Dr. Richard Ellis (SUA)

Director General Advanced Waste Management Systems


"Am avut plăcerea de a colabora cu domnul Marcusohn. Trebuie să evidenţiez excelenta comunicare pe care am avut-o cu domnia sa pe întreaga perioadă pentru care am colaborat, obţinând întotdeauna cele mai prompte şi eficiente răspunsuri. Cel mai important aspect este că munca sa a contribuit în mod decisiv în obţinerea unor rezultate excelente în cadrul colaborării pe care am avut-o".

Dr. Letitia A. Bourges (Italia)

Secretar General al Consiliului European de Drept Rural